Zinc and Magnesium: The Power Couple

August 24, 2022

Zinc and Magnesium are two important minerals that are vital for the proper functioning of our body. Research continues to elucidate important effects of both.  With heightened interest in preventative health and deepening science into the two minerals,  experts predict that Magnesium and Zinc sales could surpass those of Calcium, which currently holds the top spot in the minerals market.

Why is Magnesium gaining popularity?

Magnesium is a crucial macro mineral. It is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, from helping to maintain normal muscle and nerve function, to supporting a healthy immune system.  With such a comprehensive role in the body’s functioning, it’s no surprise that the benefits of magnesium are widespread.

Adequate magnesium levels protect metabolic health, help with moods,

magnesium for sleep

promote healthy sleep, and contribute to heart and bone health. The EFSA have also issued positive statements on Magnesium and its benefits for teeth, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, normal yielding metabolism and muscle contraction.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that Magnesium is one of the most frequently encountered dietary deficiencies in the UK and low levels of this nutrient can put people at risk for a wide variety of health issues.  

Consumers are now waking up to the importance of Magnesium and are seeking ways to incorporate it into their diets, but it can be very difficult to do this with diet alone. Almonds, for instance, are one of the most Magnesium rich foods, however they are high in calories and you would have to eat a large quantity to reach the RDA of Magnesium. Therefore many people are now turning to supplements to fill in the gaps in their diet.

What is driving growth for Zinc?

Zinc is the other mineral popping up in recent headlines. Profiting from a whole host of health benefits, Zinc supplement sales have grown and are also catching up to Calcium and Magnesium.  Exploring the factors behind the growth reveals an increase in research showing positive effects of the mineral, including its role in cognition, memory and in metabolic syndrome- associated inflammation.

zinc: for immunity

One of Zinc’s most-researched benefits is immunity—especially when it comes to decreasing the length of a cold and preventing it from getting worse. In addition, Zinc plays an important role in wound healing.  In fact, it is involved in every step of the process- from blood coagulation and inflammation to tissue renewal. Several studies have also found that supplementing with Zinc can help protect against advanced age-related macular degeneration.

This is a serious condition that can lead to loss of vision, and is most common in those over 50. People over the age of 55 are the fastest-growing segment of UK population. With this demographic, the need for Zinc is especially important to maintain good health.

What are the benefits of taking Zinc and Magnesium together?  

Taken together, in the correct dosage, Zinc and Magnesium work synergistically- Magnesium helps your body regulate its Zinc levels, and Zinc allows it to absorb Magnesium more efficiently.

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