For The Athlete In You…

December 21, 2022

Are we repeating ourselves?

It seems like every time we talk about an emerging trend, we explain how it was brought about by a change in consumer sentiment that was either induced or accelerated by the global pandemic.

But it is and it was! See. We even used an exclamation mark as proof of its truth.

The latest shift? Active nutrition.

So you know how for almost the entirety of the sector’s existence, it has been an impenetrable fortress, held by the likes of athletes and bodybuilders, who spoke in riddles about protein intake and windows of absorption and gains and body fat percentages and just *blah*.

Well. That savvy lifestyle consumer we keep talking about – the one who is driving the growth of the entire VMS sector – has claimed their place. 

And it’s a big one.

As you know, during the pandemic consumers took a closer look at their health and the emphasis on immune support translated into the pursuit of overall health and wellness – especially physical activity. People realised they didn’t have to be athletes or bodybuilders or marathon runners to be active or look after their nutrition. They could have a casual relationship with exercise focused on their overall, long term health. And this new group of ‘casual athletes’ has shifted the market into being more mainstream.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Trending formats include reinvented classics like ready-to-drink beverages, easy-to-use powder sachets, sports gels and bars i.e. ‘lifestyle-oriented’ offerings.
  • Increasingly well-informed consumers are searching for products that offer convenience, combined with proven functional benefits to help them live healthier lives. Part of that is tasty on-the-go solutions at all times of the day.
  • Active nutrition will increasingly overlap with other supplement categories as active consumers explore complimentary benefits like better sleep, stress management and immune support, as well as ‘foodification’ with products that appeal to consumers’ palates.
  • Responsibly sourced, natural and clean label claims have been growing in popularity as more consumers reject products with artificial or unfamiliar ingredients, in favour of short, easy-to-understand labels. So producers who can offer clearly defined supply chains and naturally clean labels will be best positioned to address the demands of the conscious, active consumer.

In short, the shift is about eliminating the commitment barriers that once blocked out the everyday consumer, as well as creating active nutrition products that are multi-purpose, take care of their overall wellbeing, and speak to those who might be contending with other need states that affect their motivation.

In even shorter terms, active nutrition is becoming mass market. Pun not intended. 

And we have stock ready to go in bulk, including standard pre workout and protein supplements as well as probiotics, collagen, energy, focus and more. We’re also working on extending our active nutrition range with completely bespoke products offering larger serving sizes and more potent doses, including

  • A creatine gummy with 500mg per gummy
  • Vegan friendly sources of protein
  • A gummy snack bar

Contact us today to get started.