The UK's expert in Softgels

    Our softgel range offers the most popular compounds in a variety of levels and strengths, all with a promise of superior performance. Think enhanced bioavailability, more consistent and accurate dosage levels and uncompromised quality in the manufacturing process.

    What’s more, all of our softgel capsules are made from the finest quality raw ingredients and carefully crafted by our team of experts to achieve consistent and accurate dosage levels across the range. With each formulation made to the highest GMP standards and supplied with a certificate of analysis, you can be sure you’re getting the very best on the market.

    A range of innovative formats and formulations

    We supply products in a diverse range of formats. From traditional capsules and tablets to softgels, gummies and liquids. Depending on your target customer and product requirements we can work with you to develop bespoke formulations too.

    • Gummies

      Specially crafted for a higher concentration of active ingredients, greater stability, a superior taste and a consistently high quality. The best on the market, targeting a range of different need states and nutritional demands.

    • Soft Gels

      Our expertise and the expert’s pick. The most popular vitamins and oils in a variety of levels, strengths and forms, giving you the flexibility to hit the market running, test new products for your consumers or buy bulk in confidence.

    • Capsules

      Our exciting and innovative range includes all rounders, staples and new developments, with formulations in both gelatin and vegetable based capsules to accommodate the dietary requirements of your brand’s customers.

    • Empty Capsules

      Gelatine, Vegetable or HPMC capsules available in different colours and sizes and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made using the highest quality ingredients and expertly formulated to create a superior performing shell.

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