A complete solution for your VMS needs

    We’ve been relied upon for over 40 years, to develop and supply the finest quality and most innovative products in the VMS sector. That length of time is important, because the size, scale and success of HTC Health doesn’t happen overnight. And it means with our experience and capabilities we are the global leader in health and wellbeing, for products supplied in bulk, to private labelling services and bespoke innovations.

    We are proud to be experts in innovation, leading the way as the industry moves forward. Backed by EU & UK warehousing, a global supply chain, and in-house NPD, our team is set up to support you with all of your VMS requirements.


    In-house nutritional, NPD & regulatory experts

    Always in Stock

    In stock and ready to ship within 48 hours

    Low MOQs

    Flexible minimum order quantities that lower the barrier to entry

    Global Supply Chain

    International fulfilment across the entire supply and distribution chain

    What we can do for you

    Built for Success.

    Your very own innovation pipeline. From concept to development, branding to compliance and strategy to fulfilment, gain access to experts, insights and resources at every touch point and see your idea come to life.

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    Quality and Quantity.

    Our industry leading range of core products is informed by and targeted towards market demand. Choose from our portfolio of fully compliant, shelf-ready and brand-tailored solutions, with low minimum order quantities, next day delivery, competitive prices and stock holding facilities in the UK & EU. 

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    Make it Yours.

    Bespoke service solutions to meet your exact needs. Our industry leading product portfolio offers a wide range of bespoke solutions, including nootropics, superfood ingredients, beauty products, active nutrition and exclusive HTC formulations, with options available to accommodate dietary requirements.

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    A range of innovative formats and formulations

    We supply products in a diverse range of formats. From traditional capsules and tablets to softgels, gummies and liquids. Depending on your target customer and product requirements we can work with you to develop bespoke formulations too.

    • Gummies

      Specially crafted for a higher concentration of active ingredients, greater stability, a superior taste and a consistently high quality. The best on the market, targeting a range of different need states and nutritional demands.

    • Soft Gels

      Our expertise and the expert’s pick. The most popular vitamins and oils in a variety of levels, strengths and forms, giving you the flexibility to hit the market running, test new products for your consumers or buy bulk in confidence.

    • Capsules

      Our exciting and innovative range includes all rounders, staples and new developments, with formulations in both gelatin and vegetable based capsules to accommodate the dietary requirements of your brand’s customers.

    • Empty Capsules

      Gelatine, Vegetable or HPMC capsules available in different colours and sizes and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made using the highest quality ingredients and expertly formulated to create a superior performing shell.

      The right range for the right reason

      Identifying market trends puts HTC Health customers ahead of the competition and opens up a world of opportunities to both existing and new brands.


        Support an active lifestyle with our selection of supplements, specially designed to boost physical performance.


        A blend of tailored products designed to nourish your hair, skin and nails.

      • MIND & MOOD

        Look after your mind with our superior range of supplements, designed to support cognitive function and your mental wellbeing.


        A superior blend of premium ingredients for a multifaceted approach to general wellbeing.

      • KIDS RANGE

        Specially formulated supplements to provide tailored nutrition for every stage of growing up.

      Our end-to-end solution process

      Step 1

      Establishing a new brand, or expanding an existing one?

      We can take you from concept to shelf-ready solution. Turn your thoughts into ideas, your ideas into concepts and your concepts into products. We’ll give strategic focus to your creativity and help you map out an innovation process that suits your business objectives.

      Our end-to-end solution process

      Step 2

      Work with our NPD experts to create a bespoke solution for your customers. 

      You’ll get direct access to our research & development team, who will develop your bespoke formula from specification, creating an expertly crafted, intelligently formulated and industry standard product.

      Our end-to-end solution process

      Step 3

      Using customer and market insight to enhance your shelf appeal. 

      From how the packaging of the product looks to how it sounds, our specialists will help you create a unique identity for your product that gives it the strongest possible entry into the market and raises awareness of your overall brand.

      Our end-to-end solution process

      Step 4

      Fully compliant, shelf ready and brand tailored solutions.

      Just say when. We provide superior shelf-ready solutions based on unique technical insights, in-house nutritional expertise, and extensive market knowledge that are ready to go as soon as you need them.

      Our end-to-end solution process

      Step 5

      Giving you the confidence that everything is done right. 

      With a global supply chain of distribution, long-standing relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers and unrivalled expertise in international markets, we have the standing to take you wherever you need to go. Plus our in-house compliance & regulatory team are on hand to make sure everything’s done right. 

      Our end-to-end solution process

      Step 6

      Developing a launch and ongoing marketing strategy. 

      It’s not just what you sell, it’s how you sell it. We’ll give you the knowledge and advice to communicate effectively, accurately and powerfully; and help you create a successful strategy for launching your product.

      Our end-to-end solution process

      Step 7

      Available, in stock, and with low MOQs. 

      Your product is ready for the shelf. Make the most of our global supply chain, sourcing specialists, long standing relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers and UK & EU stockholding facilities.

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        Private label branding services

        We have worked with customers to develop products and brands from scratch. From advising on formats and flavours to creating compliant labels, and providing guidelines for branding.


        The ‘go-to’ health and beauty E-commerce brand for health and technology. Our Private Label team worked with them to develop a pioneering range of Beauty from Within supplements, successfully launching the expanded range via their website.

        Revolution Beauty

        Revolution Beauty is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic brands, known for breaking down the barriers to high quality beauty. We helped them create a bespoke gummy range that is now listed on 3 of the most popular beauty platforms in the UK, as well as in over 500 stores across the UK.


        We are Superdrug’s gummy supplier of choice and have been for over 5 years, creating their full range of Adult gummies with bespoke formulations in their own brand. We’re currently working on expanding their offering with key NPDs.

        Known Nutrition

        Known wanted a Collagen product that actually made the difference. We created a state-of-the-art product that was in keeping with their brand values, as well as the commercial necessities of their startup model, working with their in-house team to take it through to fulfilment.


        We are the sole supplier of gummies to Boots, the biggest health and beauty retailer and pharmacy in the UK, creating their full Adult and Kids ranges, with a number of bespoke formulations bottled and labelled in their own brand.

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