What’s Fuelling Gummy Market Growth

December 14, 2022

Correct nutrition is one of the top concerns for consumers today, but with supplementation needs it’s also the taste, convenience and ease of use that have increasing influence on purchasing decisions. With such demands from discerning consumers, it’s no wonder gummy supplements are flying off the shelves fuelling the growth of the maturing industry, especially in well developed markets.

As gummy supplements become more available and appealing to consumers, market research suggests the category will continue to grow. A report by Transparency Market Research forecast the global market for gummy vitamins will rise at a steady CAGR of 5.2% between 2017 and 2025. It’s expected the market will be worth approximately $4.17 billion by 2025, up from $2.68 billion in 2016.

Mintel’s 2016 VMS Report proved that the consumers are looking for new formats such as gummies and chewables, because they prefer taking supplements in fun and easy ways. A well known phenomenon called ‘pill fatigue’ contributes to the new delivery formats constantly popping up. And while some of them that recently appeared on the market, like beadlet or dual capsules might not last the test of time and turn out to only be a fad, gummies have been on the market for almost a decade now and every year delivers higher market shares for this tasty format.

Adults Love the Gummies Too

Initially developed for kids, gummy supplements, have been by far recognized also by adults as viable alternative for their nutrition needs. Often requiring more nutritional support, older consumers tired with traditional pills, turn to newer formats like gummies, effervescent powders or sprays to fill their nutrition gaps. In fact, adults have made up the larger portion of consumers of gummy supplements compared to kids. In 2017, reported NBJ, adult gummy products accounted for 65% of all gummy supplements.

With a growing, ageing population in the UK inevitably, more and more patients are living with multiple, long-term conditions, many of which need to be treated with medication. It is estimated that almost half of the over-65’s take at least five drugs a day. The research conducted by Cambridge University, revealed the number of patients taking five or more different drugs a day jumped from 12 per cent to 47 per cent over the last 20 years. Some of those who took part in the long-term investigation said they were on up to 23 tablets every day.

For these consumers, innovative delivery formats provide an appreciated departure from their routine, allowing them to have more enjoyable experience than with a tablet. Vitamin gummies, which used to be reserved mainly for kids, now offer a mainstream appeal to adult customers. Many of the patients, who struggle with large pills, including seniors with compromised ability to swallow, appreciate new developments in the category, with products targeting specific needs such as brain or heart support, bone health, hair, skin & nail, prenatal health and many more.

New Category Developments

As the gummy format becomes more pervasive across all consumer categories, specific considerations are taken into account at the product development stage. With advancements in ingredient technologies and manufacturing processes, gummy supplements can now be customized to meet specific consumer preferences. For example sugar free formulations, pectin-based vegan gummies, natural colourings and flavourings make the format even more successful.

Clean label requirements, calling for only natural, GMO-free ingredients, coupled with challenges of flavour masking and distinct manufacturing requirements, make this a tricky format to produce. However, the potential offered by the category is huge, which is why it’s important to find a reliable manufacturer which will be able to satisfy demands of the growingly discerning consumers.

Our Gummy Range

HTC bottled vitamin gummy range

At HTC we exclusively cooperate with Sirio Pharma – one of the world’s biggest nutritional gummy manufacturer, who not only produces a wide range of highest quality gummy products, but also makes sure they beat the competition in terms of texture, flavour and active ingredients’ concentrations.

Currently in our standard offer we have the following lines available from UK stock:

  • Sugar-free Children’s Multivitamin Gummy for General Well-being & Immunity
  • Adult Multivitamin & Minerals Gummy for General Wellbeing & Everyday Health
  • Multivitamin & Omega 3,6 & 9 Gummy for Cognitive and Heart Health Support
  • Calcium & Vitamin D3 Gummy for Bone Support and Healthy Teeth

Each gummy in our range is carefully formulated to provide key nutrients for overall health and vitality. They are packaged in unlabelled clear bottles with white lids, ready for you to label and sell. Each fully recyclable PET bottle contains 30 gummies. Click here to find out more about our gummy range.

If you feel our nutritional gummies might be the right product to boost your portfolio, please do not hesitate to email us at sales@htc.co.uk or call +44 1923 652529. We’ll be happy to give you more info about the new range and available options. Ask for an online brochure, product specifications or an instant, free, no-obligation quote.