HTC, Sustainability & The Supply Chain

December 21, 2022

In an age of hyper-consumption, it’s always smart to raise a sceptical eyebrow when you hear companies make claims about how they’re doing their part to ‘save the planet’. 

There’s a lot of organisations out there investing more time and money into marketing their brand as green rather than actually doing the work. And the consequence is that a lot of well-intentioned consumers are misled into purchasing decisions that do not deliver on their promises, creating cynicism and doubt about all environmental claims. 

It’s no easy feat to see through artificial shades of green and absent a company completely divulging the ins and outs of its business, every decision to purchase from a brand is a small act of faith.

But as more and more consumers use their spending as an expression of their environmental commitment, and shape their decisions around sustainable, eco-friendly living practices, the importance of an honest dialogue about the source and environmental impact of a brand’s products is ever present. Consumers deserve to know the lifecycle of the products they’re buying. 

So with that said, we’re laying it on the line. 

At HTC Health, sustainability has been a core value of ours since inception, and for us it means creating at the intersection of what’s good for people and what’s good for the environment.

So where possible, and as long as it makes sense, we use ethically sourced, natural ingredients. This includes all active ingredients as well as added ingredients that are used to aid the manufacturing process, and stability of the products. For some active ingredients, a synthetic form is more bioavailable than a natural one and our main focus when selecting whether to use natural or artificial ingredients is the positive health benefit that the ingredients can have.

Our supply chain can be tracked all the way back to the source of each ingredient, allowing you to see what you’ve purchased step by step. What’s more, all of our manufacturing partners are BRC accredited and SEDEX & SMETA approved, just like ourselves. 

Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organisations, working with companies to improve working conditions and the ethical sourcing of materials across global supply chains.  That means the products we sell not only meet the highest quality, but also the highest standards in welfare.

We are also working towards recycled packaging material, including 100% recycled bottles and recycled pouch options as well.

So we’re not saving the world, but we are doing our best to help it and you at the same time. That includes helping our partners try their best, as well. Our bespoke, private and bulk services mean our green pledge is yours too. Give your customers the transparency, information and products they want from day one.

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