HTC Health – Global Expertise

December 21, 2022

There’s big fish in small ponds. 

Small fish in big ponds. 

Medium sized fish in ambiguous sized ponds. 

And then there’s amphibious fish in all sized ponds and land.

If you’re wondering where we’re going with this point (that sounds like it was written by Dr.Seuss), the answer is, all over the place.

HTC Health is an amphibious fish. Or rather, a global expert.

We speak about the UK market a lot because it is our base and our home, but when it comes to doing business, we’re at home all over the world. 

For the past 4 decades, we’ve carefully grown the business by taking calculated risks, analysing but never following the competition, building meaningful partnerships, optimising for scale instead of revenue and, above all, staying true to our values. So when it came to extending our services globally, we took to it like a fish to water (and land). And today, we can call ourselves a truly international business. What does that look like exactly? Well, it means:

  • We work with a number of manufacturing partners globally, selecting them specifically for the requirements that we need and for the markets we work in, whether that be UK, EU, or ROW.
  • We have warehouses and stock holding facilities in the UK and EU, and a global supply chain of distribution.
  • We have long-standing relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers, making us sourcing specialists and enabling us to guarantee the broadest range of formats, need states and project quality on the market. 
  • We’ve helped UK businesses launch new products in the US market and international brands enter the UK & EU market.
  • We’re experts in international markets and regulations, including the import and export of goods, as well as fully compliant packaging for launch territory.
  • We monitor global publications so that we’re aware of advancements taking place around the world that may benefit our customers, wherever they’re based.

And you’ll be interested to know that global partners can be found in a lot of ways; market publications, staying on top of news articles, keeping track of innovations being reported on, and going corporate speed dating at trade shows.

Trade shows have proven to be a great way of finding partners that can offer something different to our existing products and services, enabling (and inspiring) us to consider a new take on concepts being developed. Whether that’s a step forward in the packaging product process or materials, identification of new benefits associated with raw materials, or advancements in production technology that enable existing formats to be produced in a different way. 

So yeah, we go wide. 

But we also go deep.

Part of the reason we worked, and continue to work, so tirelessly to find the best manufacturing, production and sourcing partners across the globe is so that we can be on the ground with you. Our global standing has allowed us to focus on finding retail experts, product experts and industry experts who can be an extension of your team.

People who can spend the time getting to know your business model, your team and your customers; who can spend the time tailoring every single solution to you.

People who can spend the time becoming experts in making you successful.

We’ve always believed that there’s  a difference between delivering a service and adding tangible value. 

It’s the difference between doing what needs to be done and going above and beyond.

Or all over the world in our case.

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