How to Start Your Own Supplement Brand

December 14, 2022

Passionate about health supplements or sports nutrition? Want to put your knowledge and enthusiasm to good use? Let our guide on how to start your own supplement brand inform and inspire you.

If you’re a keen gym-goer or health enthusiast, the idea of setting up or growing your current supplement brand may have already sparked your interest. While there’s a lot to consider before launching a new brand, it’s certainly not an endeavour only open to big businesses! You too can set up your own brand of health supplements and our guide will show you how.

I want to start a supplement brand. Where do I begin?

So you have an idea, but how do you expand on this brainwave to create your own brand of supplements?

Know what works and offer something new

In other words, find your Unique Selling Point (USP). Check out popular existing health supplement brands and make note of what they’re selling. What are their best selling items? Which vitamins and sports nutrients does every brand stock, and at what price?

health supplements shelves

Once you’ve identified these key points, you can decide what you want to do differently. Maybe you’re keen to stock the most popular products but at a better price? Maybe your USP is unusual supplements that are hard to find anywhere else? Or perhaps you’re able to deliver your products in a much quicker time than your competitors? Whatever you decide, make sure that your brand provides the supplements customers want with a unique twist.

Do I need to register my supplement brand?

In most cases, no, but there are some legal boxes you should tick before launching your new brand!

Most health supplements will count as a type of food under general food law, so there is no need to get your products themselves registered or licensed, although as a UK business selling food supplements, you would need to get registered as a Food Business Operator (FBO) with your local authority’s environmental health department.

Generally, as long as you choose a manufacturer or supplier who adheres to UK and EU legal industry standards and regulations, your products – and therefore your brand – will be safe and legal.

You can find out more about your legal obligations on the Governments food supplement information.

Where do I source my new brand’s supplements?

Find a trusted manufacturer or wholesale supplier specialising in high-quality health supplements. Discuss your needs and the aims of your brand and make sure they can offer the products and quantities you need.

Don’t forget to check that their products adhere to all the necessary regulations and legislation. Only products that are supplied with certificates of analysis should be considered safe and reputable. It’s also a good idea to enquire about prices and ensure these meet your budget.

I have a business plan and some excellent products, but how do I promote my health supplement brand?

Create a website, eBay or Amazon account

This is an absolute necessity if you want to compete with the many other brands already established in the health supplement market. Setting these up means you can broaden your reach and start to grow your business online, something that’s much easier and profitable than doing it by simple word of mouth.

Eye-catching, accurate labels

Your product not only needs to stand out on a shelf or web page but also provide factual information on its label. These factors are equally important, so make sure you research the legislation applying to your product as well as the label designs of existing successful supplement brands.

For further advice on label design, check out our guide on How to Design a Perfect Supplements Label.

Branch out

Contact businesses in your area to spread the word of your new supplements brand. One great approach is to distribute flyers, leaflets or business cards to your local gyms, leisure centres and health clubs.

Another excellent idea is to actually provide free samples of your new products to local shops – this is an offer few businesses will refuse and if your supplements are a hit with their customers, you’re likely to receive an order!

Last but not least…

Select products that actually work

If you’re trialling a supplement that isn’t having the desired effect or you’ve designed a bespoke formula that doesn’t pack the punch you anticipated, don’t keep them in your catalogue! Only sell your customers the products you know will do what they say on the label, as this will increase trust in your brand long-term.

Keep well stocked!

This may sound obvious, but we’ve all encountered shops or online stores which have run out of something basic and felt understandably frustrated. To ensure that your customers continue to see your brand as reliable – and so they don’t feel the need to check out any of your competitors! – make sure your range of health supplements is kept fully in stock at all times.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a good idea of how to begin setting up your own supplements brand. If you have any unanswered questions or wish to discuss the finer details of starting your brand, please get in touch or call us on +44 1923 652529.