Fish Oil in Fish Gelatine Soft Capsules

December 14, 2022

We are delighted to announce that our most popular line of Fish Oil 18/12 1,000 is now available in fish gelatine soft capsules. This new premium line is already in our stock, ready for immediate orders.

Fish Oil remains to be one of the most popular health supplements of all times, with multiple proven health benefits and irrefutable reputation. Delivering Omega 3 fatty acids it has been proven to support our bodies in performing at full capacity and boosting multiple bodily functions. For example DHA contributes to maintaining normal brain functions and is recommended to pregnant women, as it helps with brain and vision development in the foetus and breastfed infants. Moreover, DHA in combination with EPA can help with cardiovascular concerns, as it maintains correct blood pressure and cholesterol levels and contributes to normal heart function.

Now this ultimate health booster is available in premium fish gelatine capsules making it even more appealing to a growing number of consumers. As the latest research shows more and more people look for meat alternatives and try to limit the products containing bovine or porcine in their diets. Recently published “Waitrose Food and Drink Report 2018-2019” shows that over a third of Brits are now opting for a meat-free or reduced-meat diet with 38% of consumers stating they have become vegetarian or vegan for “environmental reasons”.

With the meat-free trend going mainstream, it’s important to stay on top of these changes by offering customers an alternative to staple products they’ve been using for years. At HTC Health we strive to stay at the forefront of product innovation and we aim to offer our customers a broad range of supplements that allows them to keep competitive edge in this busy market. Having noticed a significant increase in the demand for meat-free products, we have decided to introduce a new bovine and procine-free variant of the market’s most popular formulation: Fish Oil 1000mg 18/12 EE.

Delivering 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA each capsule also contains natural Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant and helps increase the absorption of the beneficial nutrients.

What Makes Our New Fish Oil Line Different?

All the ingredients used in this premium formulation are of top quality and should appeal to even most discerning consumers:

  • Fish Oil used in the supplement has been sourced from a Friends of The Sea certified supplier. This protects our oceans with the certification of sustainable seafood sourcing and gives consumers confidence in the quality of the raw materials.
  • The glycerine used in the capsule manufacturing process is RSPO Certified. Glycerine is usually produced from palm oil and this RSPO Certification provides assurance to the consumer that the standard of palm oil production is sustainable.
  • Vitamin E used in the formula is natural and not synthetic, which is preferable to consumers and presents a higher quality product.
  • Bovine and porcine free capsules provide an interesting proposition to customers opting for meat-free diets due to religious or cultural reasons.

Buy Quality Products From Renowned Supplier

At HTC Health we supply a wide array of Fish Oil supplements varying in the EPA/DHA content in traditional softgels and now the new Fish Gelatine capsule line is also available from our UK stock. For more information on our Omega 3 range or for a free instant quote, contact our sales team now on 01923 652 529 or email

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