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Vegetarian and vegan vitamins & health supplements

Consumer interest in vegan vitamin, mineral and supplement products has grown significantly in recent years.

Our collaboration with leading R&D teams around the world has supported the growth of a high functional and targeted range of vegan vitamins and supplements. Offering vegan softgels including Algae Oil ensures a vegan source for the key nutrients EPA and DHA typically obtained from fish oil. 

Our extensive development of vegetarian and vegan gummies has produced chewable supplements with a pectin base that have a juicy, mouth-watering texture that is rich in flavour. Our in-house, dedicated compliance team works closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure full traceability through the supply chain to ensure a high level of efficiency in producing our vegan friendly supplements.

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Vegan Products

Algae Oil

Algae oil is a vegan friendly and pure formulation
of Omega 3. Most mainstream sources in the diet
come from Oily fish, making intake difficult for vegans, dietary supplementations play a vital role.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy

Apple Cider Vinegar naturally contains beneficial
bacteria that help support gut health and heart
health. Our ACV gummy contains Vitamin C which
supports the body's protection against oxidative stress, and chromium to support normal macronutrient metabolism.

Vitamin C 1000mg TR

This effective Time Release Vitamin C tablet
provided 1000mg vitamin C per serving.
Alongside the vitamin C, this tablet delivers 25mg citrus bioflavonoids and 25mg Rosehip Powder.

Flaxseed Oil

Our flaxseed oil softgels contain 100% organic
flaxseed oil in a plant based soft shell, making this a Vegan friendly omega 3 option.

Iron Tablet

Our vegan friendly Iron tablet is an ideal
supplement for the vegan diet, typically
deficient in iron. In addition, Vitamin C is included which increases iron absorption.

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