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A reliable supply of vitamin tablets

We understand that sometimes the most simple supplement is all your customer wants, which is why we stock all the essential vitamins and nutrients in basic tablet form.

Our range of tablets includes the well established single ingredient products, such as Vitamin C, as well as trending products such as Ayurvedic Ashwagandha and active nutrition focused Electrolyte Complex. All our vitamin tablets are made from the finest quality raw ingredients and usually contain a combination of powders and grains, all sourced from traceable, audited manufacturers. The taste and firmness of our tablet supplements are strictly controlled throughout the manufacturing process and are further guaranteed by consumer testing.

The ability to concentrate ingredients within a tablet supplement ensures we have been able to formulate our tablets to ensure each serving delivers the desired effect. Innovation in coatings mask taste, improves ease of swallowing and slows the breakdown of the tablet in the digestive system in order to maximise uptake of the active ingredient.

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Tablet Products

Vitamin C 1000mg TR

An effective Time Release Vitamin C tablet that
provides 1000mg vitamin C, 5mg citrus bioflavonoids
and 25mg Rosehip Powder per serving. Coated to ensure that the integrity of the active ingredients is maintained.

Calcium & VItamin D3

Pairing calcium with Vitamin D3 creates
a super supplement, with the two working
hand in hand. Vitamin D3 contributes to the
normal absorption and utilisation of calcium.
Regular intake of calcium is required for necessary maintenance of normal bones throughout life.

Vitamin B12

Our Vitamin B12 tablets contain a premium
form of B12 in a vegan friendly format. B12
is essential for multiple functions in the body
including contributing to reduced tiredness and fatigue by supporting our energy production.

Green Tea

Green tea extract is typically standardised
to contain 40% polyphenols, antioxidants that are believed to exert a number of health benefits.

Joint Health Complex

This effective multipurpose joint health supplement
consists of a comprehensive blend of Glucosamine,
Chondroitin and MSM. Each component is a compound found naturally within the body's joints.

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