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HTC Industry News Round up

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June 2, 2021

We’re delighted to share with you a curated rundown of industry news we found interesting in the past week. Read on for a brief update on what is currently going on in the VMS market

16th October

Trial to test if Vitamin D protects against Covid

UK doctors will finally trial whether vitamin D can protect people from Covid-19 after months of mounting evidence

Global Dietary Supplements Market to grow at a CAGR of 7.85% from 2021 to 2027 – Axiom MRC.

30th September

Coronavirus: Vitamin D reduces infection and impact of COVID-19, studies find

Vitamin D: how much should you take and who’s most at risk?

http://Vitamin D: how much should you take and who’s most at risk? Read more: – Which?

Correcting Britain’s Vitamin D deficiency could save thousands of lives

ESSNA Sports Nutrition guide highlights value of supplementation

10th September

Best vitamins for kids: Diet, considerations, and more

Vitamin C May Help Improve Muscle Mass Later in Life

Low Vitamin D Might Raise Odds of COVID Infection

Vitamin D may reduce Covid-19 incidence

Herbal supplements continued strong growth they enjoyed for the past decade, by notching 8.6% sales gain in 2019

13th August

Experts reveal the warning signs that you are deficient in vitamins

How long do vitamins take to work?

High dose fish oil supplement speeds exercise recovery

6th August

Elderberry expands in supplements

What is elderberry and does it work?

Vitamins to beat stress and anxiety, including Vitamin B

The best supplements for menopause, including Vitamin D

Sales of natural health foods, vitamins and supplements in the UK, rose by 17.3% over the lockdown. HealthyDoesIt, a consumer awareness campaign to encourage people to access the expertise and high-quality natural products available from their local health store, is launched this week by the Health Food Manufacturers’ Association.

How to Choose High Quality Vitamins and Supplements

Maintaining immune health: key ingredients including Zinc, Vitamins A, D3 and E

People who take Vitamin D and calcium twice a day are less likely to suffer from vertigo, study shows

9th July

10 best vitamins to strengthen your immune system

Best vitamins for the over 65’s

UK public health bodies reviewing vitamin D’s effects on coronavirus

Immune-supporting herbs: Garlic

19th June

Government bodies to review if vitamin D can help protect against coronavirus

Vitamin D could be prescribed to beat critical coronavirus cases

New consumer research has ranked omega 3 and turmeric among the top ranking ingredients for healthcare brands (page 12)

More than half (58%) of consumers agree vitamins and nutritional supplements play an important role in health and wellness today.

Trends in antioxidants

The most direct way to build consumer trust in your products is to show third-party verification through clinical trials and certifications. Consumers readily understand the objectivity of a third-party clinical trial or certification.

5th June

What are the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency?

Vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19 pandemic

With regard to Covid-19, the HSE advises that those who are self-isolating or who are unable to go outside should consider taking a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of Vitamin D to ensure a healthy Vitamin D status for adults and children over the age of one.”

The science-backed benefits of vitamin D and how to get enough of it

28th May

Worldwide demand for immunity products is likely to deliver a permanent new norm of higher growth for these types of supplements

Plant-based diets could prevent a future pandemic say doctors.

Focus on immunity supplements

A combination of very high intravenous doses of vitamin C and a diet that mimics fasting may be an effective way to treat an aggressive type of cancer, a study in mice suggests

15th May

Vitamin D could play a role in supporting the immune system against Coronavirus

If you’re staying indoors, you should consider a Vitamin D supplement

Sales of vitamin D supplements up 3000% after Public Health England recommendation

The acceleration in demand for immunity boosting products reported during the coronavirus pandemic is likely to transition into a permanent new form of higher growth.

29th April

PHE says we should consider taking 10 micrograms of vitamin a day to keep us healthy.

Researchers advise leaders to urge public to take supplements during Coronavirus outbreak.

Vitamin D deficiency may play a role in the severity of Covid-19.

13th March

Regular use of fish oil supplements may be linked to a lower risk of death and cardiovascular disease (CVD) events, according to research involving data on UK patients.

What are the benefits of Calcium-Magnesium and Zinc supplements?

Best supplements for the immune system

6th March

What is vitamin D deficiency: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Top 6 Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

6 Supplements for healthy joints

Food supplements can improve public health and reduce pressure on the sustainability of healthcare systems in the EU.

Where are consumers shopping for their supplements? Ecommerce is growing quickly and sales are increasing on Amazon.

28th February

Products for brain health, including HTC Vegan Algae oil

The $725 billion global health and wellness category continues to outperform the overall food and drink industry, a new study by KPMG shows.

Immune health isn’t merely of interest to consumers; it is one of the top five reasons why they take dietary supplements today.  In the survey conducted on more than 2000 U.S. adults in 2019, 27% of those who use dietary supplements cited immune health as a reason they take supplements.

Consumers are increasingly demanding more ownership of their health and advances in technology are allowing them to do so but how can we tap into this trend?

21st February 2019

Collagen sales skyrocketing. In 2019 sales grew 59.6% over the previous year to reach $59 million.

New research shows that UK people aged over 55 are the most committed to reducing their personal environmental impacts. The study shows that baby boomer generation are more likely to recycle their waste (84%), avoid single-use-plastic (66%) and buy only seasonal fruit and vegetables (47%), compared to UK adults in any other age group.

Click here to read more.

The European Federation of Associations of Health Product Manufacturers has created a manifesto detailing legislative changes needed in order for the supplement sector to reach its full potential, including regulatory proposal for botanicals.

A new report, Vitamin Gummies Market, published by Future Market Insights (FMI) reports that the worldwide vitamin gummies market value is projected to grow at a ‘healthy’ CAGR of 5.1% between 2019-2029.

5th February 2019

Online reviews offer valuable insight into consumer perceptions of probiotics.

Heart Health for the over 50’s.

Poland to launch a notification system to improve supervision of businesses to meet notification requirements of dietary supplements.

Curcumin for better sleep and quicker exercise.

17th January 2019

Vegan supplements to try in 2020.

2019’s biggest ingredient sales trends, including CBD oil, Melatonin, MCTs and plant based protein.

Supplements to relieve blood pressure, including Co enzyme Q10, Folic acid and Magnesium

MCG research shows that consumers are not just looking for short-term gains: 42% reported adopting a more long-term approach to health. A desire to understand health and nutrition reinforces the idea that consumers are choosing to make significant changes with healthy ageing as a priority.

An expert’s guide on the best supplements to take in 2020

23% of all new food launches in the UK are labelled vegan. The new research shows that over the past two years, the number of Britons who have eaten meat-free foods* has shot up from 50% in 2017 to 65% in 2019.

10h January 2019

AkerBiomarine: Krill outlook is even brighter than omega-3’s as a whole.

Lack of sleep is on the rise, which means opportunities for solutions exist in the supplement industry.

Experts are warning that vegans and those partaking in the annual Veganuary campaign must ensure there is enough vitamin B12 in their diets. The risk of deficiency, they say, is ‘not a myth’.

Scientists have found Curcumin promise in bid to beat superbug.

Turmeric is one of the world’s fastest-growing dietary supplements. In 2018 turmeric products generated an estimated $328m in sales in the US alone – a sevenfold increase from 2008, according to Nutrition Business Journal.

20th December 2019

Nutra ingredients make comments on their 2019 predictions, with everything from vegan innovation to the developments in the microbiome. Take a look at how accurate they were in their predictions.

Researchers are linking B6 deficiency with episodes of psychosis, in poorer nations, this could be a breakthrough as medicine can often be expensive and vitamins can be a third of the price.

CBDepot has applied for Novel Food (NF) application for a synthetic form of cannabidiol (CBD) for food supplement use in a move the firm says has a better chance of regulatory approval.

Does Calcium make your bones grow stronger? After some research experts are now saying that calcium and Vitamin d don’t have a place in modern medicine. And in some cases, they had caused an increased risk of kidney stones.

Multivitamins are the most commonly consumed dietary supplement worldwide. There have been populations of the world that have benefited from multivitamin use way more than others. This has helped certain age groups such as older adults.

Vitamin drips are trying to make a controversial reappearance in the vitamin market. A clinic in Malaysia is claiming that their drips could help the long-distance travellers who do not have enough time get used to different time zones.

Consumers are requesting that Kelloggs stop using animal sources for their added vitamins. This could start reflecting onto other areas of the market or maybe even the VMS market?

13th December 2019

One of the most popular supplements that consumers take, Vitamin C is explained in a little more detail than you would usually have.

Looking into the details of hair growth supplements and ingredients, with some experts comment on the anecdotal evidence given about ever-popular supplements.

Vitamin D is being prescribed to children but the dosage isn’t being adhered to. Are GPs giving increasingly higher doses?

Heart health claims are being thrown around but do these products help? This article outlines only 3 product that tackles heart health.

A recent study shows that taking fish oil could improve your night vision by around 25%. The study tested people on high strength fish oil for one month they showed improvements of up to 25%.

Arctic Nutrition is to form a scientific collaboration with Norwegian firm Møreforsking to provide marine lipid and cell study expertise in developing its omega-3 fatty acid-enriched herring roe extract.

Polish authorities have updated their supplement guidelines to set maximums for certain ingredients, including caffeine.

The global Omega-3 market grew by 2.3% in 2018, have they expected to rise again for 2019 into 2020?

Read the report here

6th December 2019

The ASA has recently been made aware of some of the wording on Holland and Barrett’s website which has breached some of their guidelines around weight loss. There is a section on their website named ‘weight management’ and under this falls some products that are food supplements.

DSM CEO Feike Sijbesma will step down next year, handing over his responsibilities to Geraldine Matchett and Dimitri de Vreeze as co-CEOs in February.

A leading nutritionist is calling for greater awareness of vitamin D deficiency in younger healthy populations that are becoming susceptible to an increased diabetes risk as a result.

Clinical trials involving diet are severely under-funded and more difficult to complete than drugs studies, Researchers say they have a tendency to be biased and often don’t last long enough for the outcome to be good enough.

Veganuary will be launching it’s first-ever TV campaign after a recent crowdfunding exercise, to raise awareness for what they are doing.

Vitafusion have launched their first-ever full spectrum CBD gummies, with three lines tackling 3 different need states. They have mentioned they have been extra careful and implemented a strict policy on monitoring the amounts of CBD in these products and also the safety and quality of the products.

EU nutrition claims are being put to the test, looking at food label claims such as ‘no added sugar’ and ‘50% less fat’. Does the average consumer pay attention to these?

The FDA is sending out warning letters to numerous companies selling CBD products illegally. They are warning people that not all products on the market are safe.

FSA enforces novel food rules for cannabidiol (CBD) based products. They are expecting companies to comply with the novel food process. The classification of CBD as a novel food has been criticised by large parts of the natural products industry.

29th November 2019

A Danish company have made available a new product containing 3 strains of prebiotic blends that could help halve the risk of Necrotising Enterocolitis in premature babies.

The European Commission adds the precursor vitamin nicotinamide riboside chloride to its Novel Foods list after the anti-ageing supplement ingredient receives a positive scientific opinion.

Italy’s confiscation of supplements worth €400,000 from an express delivery firm brings into focus inconsistencies in notification procedures required for cross-border food supplement e-trade.

Omega-3 fish oil supplements appear to improve the attention span of children with ADHD, but only in those with low omega-3 levels in the blood.

With CBD being so quick to be added to the market we were always going to expect to see a backlash on something wrong with it. The amount of CBD advertised on the pack and the amount contained in certain products is appearing to varied, with a few companies under scrutiny.

Many supplements that claim to ease dementia or cognitive illness’ are now being investigated due to some ingredients being unauthorised. “piracetam, an ingredient not proven effective for preventing or easing dementia or cognitive impairment and not approved for sale in the U.S.”, researchers say.

How healthy are those protein snacks you have been eating? This article outlines some of the issues with the protein snack industry.–1770976/

Looking at how CBD affects children and whether it is safe for them to take it. With not many negative connotations associated with it apart from issues such as regulating the amount of CBD in the product and also the grapefruit warning that comes with many medicines.

22nd November 2019

Holland & Barrett have new software that is going to change their replenishment operation altogether. Aiming to be more productive with their stock and avoiding pointless journeys.

A new subscription vitamin Rootine has hit the market looking at your DNA, health, lifestyle and history. As we are still seeing these new vitamin companies popping up everywhere we can only assume this trend is going nowhere.

Although based on select few people this article shows this personalised vitamin company has had some quite shocking results even after doubts.

Superdrug is forever looking for ways of making their in-shop amenities bigger and better, and with a new in-store test service they can let you know if you need antibiotics or not. A scheme where immunity-boosting vitamins could play a huge part.

Various sports nutrition companies have been under scrutiny as their products have been recalled for different reasons, some including undeclared ingredients and too much of others.

Personalised nutrition continues to think of new ideas and selling points. With the introduction of digital personalised nutrition, platform be enough to sway consumers for one brand more than another?

There are supplements for almost every need on the marker but Alzheimer’s is not often considered. With scientists discovering new ways to produce a compound that many help the delay of this disease and other cognitive diseases.

IASDA is boosting the awareness of Omega 3 and Folic Acid in maternal and infant nutrition. Looking at two new information sources to try and create more talk around these two ingredients.

15th November 2019

Media have reported that Boot’s parent company have been approached by a private equity firm in what could be the biggest leveraged buyout. It was reported last week that they were exploring the opportunity of a private buyout and this now might just come true.

2 experts talk about the best hair growth supplements and products. They do say that results take between 6 and 12 weeks to notice.

Two neurologists comment on the current climate of CBD products and say that the research isn’t based on proof. Claiming celebrity endorsements are negative and the dosage is not monitored and varies a great deal.

A leading surgeon recently made some quite bold claims, stating that certain herbal remedies are interfering with cancer treatment especially breast cancer treatment. With popular products such as Turmeric and garlic being among the offenders. The doctor has stated that they affect blood clotting which in turn can stop lesions healing when breast cancer spreads.

Too much vitamin D? Since early 2019 Vitamin D deficiency has been at the top of many peoples minds. Now we are being told too much is bad and can cause some unpleasant symptoms.

Probiotics, the ‘golden child’ of 2019, they can help with many issues commonly suffered from the public but obesity seems to be a new one. This particular probiotic can mimic a hormone that can help with appetite.

A UK based company has been targeting elderly people and people who are vulnerable to purchase their overly priced supplements with a really high mark up.

The CEO of Lonza is due to leave his role at the company just one year after starting. We haven’t had much information of his departure but have been told this is due to personal reasons.

Just when you think personalised nutrition couldn’t go any further. A panel of speakers from various nutrition companies stated that more data could lead to a more personalised experience. Cross-referencing information and genetic research to find clearer results.

8th November 2019

A recent report on product testing showed echinacea and turmeric were showing up as not meeting their label claims of bioactive materials.

Gut health trend continues, as Chuckling Goat launch their prebiotic powder. Their latest innovation contains 19 different type of fibres.

Poor or high meat diets could be leading to depression? New recommendations from MyNetGut consortium says that poor quality diets could support the microbiota observes in depression. Looking at countries diets and how this might affect their depression rates.

Better you continues to release new oral sprays that are set to tackle common trends. They have managed to harness the power of CBD into a spray. We know commonly that CBD tastes a little less than nice but they seem to have found a solution for this too.

Wassen international have rebranded and grown their entire supplement range. Adding in supplements that tackle, Beauty and other common need states.

An interesting article covering some very expensive beauty vitamins and other gummy vitamins that launched earlier this year.

Reviewing the new wave of ‘Instagram’ vitamins. From subscriptions to singular multivitamins. The general verdict is they look great but not too sure about how good they are for you.

Freeze drying your vitamins – Australia’s latest breakthrough. Freezing ingredients and avoiding having to come up with complicated scientific solutions to protecting them from deteriorating and keeping active ingredients, active. This product has taken 3 years of research to develop and seems to be something from the future.

A new study finds that child deaths significantly reduced by giving nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

Speak to one of the ‘Instagram’ vitamins companies CEO’s about her success’. After continuously being told she couldn’t do certain things she fought back and is now running a very successful vitamin brand.

The new trend from 2019 needs to address gaps in research. There is a need for more, not just more products but more validated, standardised, randomised control trials studying the mechanism of action in probiotics research. The summit in Singapore revealed there was a lack of research and it needed a lot more.

It was only going to be a matter of time before CBD would cause some issues. With it becoming ever so popular last year for almost everyone, with its tight association to an illegal drug there is always going to be a chance of other chemical elements making a slip into CBD products.

Many UK brands have been struggling over the past few years, as we have progressed in online shopping and are always seeking ways of convenience. Are consumers being lazy or savvy? Finding cheaper prices elsewhere or seeking a one-stop solution? We hope the UK retailers can steer clear from the administration.–papas-collapses-20842391

Private brands are on the up and up. Even managing to influence where consumers are choosing to shop. Are retailers treating brands in different ways and has this added to the increase?

1st November 2019

A recent report on product testing showed echinacea and turmeric were showing up as not meeting their label claims of bioactive materials.

Calanus has been working on a way to harvest Omega-3 in a more environmentally friendly way, they believe they are one step closer to making this possible.

Has bug protein hit the mainstream market? It looks like it has, bug bites have been officially launched and they think sales are set to rocket.

Glowing skin seems to be on the top of many consumers lists. And finding that beauty starts from within seems to be a key trend, focusing on good nutrition. Does this pose space for beauty nutrition?

Holland and Barrett saw an ‘abrupt’ end to one of their employees this past week. Their head of food announced that he had leftover LinkedIn. H&B are yet to announce who will replace the now open position.

Holland and Barrett are now charging 5p for their paper bags. This Money will be going to different charitable causes.

Multiple outcomes of Brexit is causing retailer stockpiling to hit record highs, says a recent report was taken on the British retail industry survey.

Making mundane vitamins more Instagram-able seems to have injected new life into the vitamin markets. Online vitamin sales have grown by around 40%.

Social media is doing great things for the world of nutrition and health but also experts are now starting to say that it can cause unhealthy obsessions. Being particularly apparent in younger females. Obsessive physical exercise and myths of nutrition are those included. Will regulation start stopping these myths?

Cranberry has commonly been used to treat UTI’s, it now looks promising that a formula including probiotics and cranberry could be a promising mixture as a supplement to stop these sorts of issues.

25th October 2019

A brief update of what is going on in the VMS market currently. HTC’s new VMS Market News Updates. A brief update of what is going on in the market at the current moment.

Nourished are aiming to shake up the vitamin market with 3D printed vitamins. Creating bespoke vitamin formulas that are personalised to everyone. This is a truly innovative idea and something completely new.

Recent research has shown that symptoms of autism can be reduced in children if they take vitamins with omega 3 fatty acids. It seems omega fatty acids research is continuing and with results.

Can you overdose on vitamins? Well, some you certainly can, with recent studies linking B-6 and B-12 overuse to increased risk of hip fractures.

New vitamins and supplements on the market are continuing to follow forecasted 2019 trends of beauty vitamins. With a strong focus on branding and beauty, making vitamins that look good and make you feel good too.

When we think of eye health there are certain ingredients we instantly associate with eye health. This article explains all the3 vitamins and minerals that are associated with eye health and why.

Naturex has showcased a product that mimics the active ingredients in turmeric and tackles the issue with bioavailability and absorption. They have said their product takes on other products on the market and offers a lower dose with higher results.

The French national union has responded to a recent survey in which 60 million consumers took place in. The report stated that labelling was poor and likely to cause certain disorders.

Pea based products are certainly on the rise but did we ever think it would be in our gummy vitamins? A new pea starch has been unveiled by PURIS. This product could be used as a gummy binder and also have some beneficial effects on crop fertility.

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