Covid, Clever Consumers & Dipping Your Toe In VMS

Covid, Clever Consumers & Dipping Your Toe In VMS

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July 26, 2022

Self-care, well-being, immunity… you didn’t need a crystal ball at the start of 2022 to share predictions for the health and beauty industries.

The impact of COVID, the importance of preventative healthcare, and a mainstream narrative around wellness has changed what consumers are prioritising when it comes to how they invest in themselves.

Niche and targeted health issues have well and truly fallen under the banner of beauty, and brands are seeing huge opportunities in giving consumers what they want: ‘beauty on the inside’.

While it may not be glamorous in a ‘front cover of Vogue’ kind of way, the idea that wellness comes from within has been on the rise for a number of years, exacerbated by the pandemic. 

And it’s not just beauty. Sports nutrition, and emerging trends like cognitive support, are now mainstream conversations

Once the preserve of professional athletes and fitness gurus, sports nutrition products were traditionally sold in gyms and targeted at a small group of consumers focussed on improving some aspect of athletic performance. 

But COVID-19 accelerated the transition of sports nutrition from a specialist to mainstream market, and consumer demand for supplements raced ahead in 2020, as people become more clued up and accountable for their personal health.

All this opportunity does not come without its problems.

While there is no doubt that the consumer isn’t going anywhere, unpredictability around supply chains and lack of clarity on product quality (especially as we still exist in an ‘on-off pandemic’ world) mean that brands hoping to expand into VMS are faced with challenges.

Consumers don’t just want generic products and empty promises. They are savvy, clued up and protective over how they spend their money. And to be successful in VMS, product quality and consumer loyalty are key. 

Your basic multivitamin simply isn't going to cut it.

And while supplements used to be something to tuck away in the back of the bathroom cabinet, they now can take centre stage on the shelf with beautiful packaging, innovative marketing and influencer endorsements. Colourful, slick, vibrant brands are emerging, and it’s getting competitive out there. 

At HTC Health, our R&D teams work alongside product specialists and market trends analysts to formulate bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ innovations to meet targeted consumer needs.

From general wellness, to sports aids, immunity and mind & mood, our specialist product categories respond directly to these needs. So, for brands wanting to dip their toe into VMS, we are there to support and guide, from concept through to supply, all the way to shelf ready packaging.

As VMS becomes more popular, relevant, accessible and in demand, there is no end in sight for innovation, or the opportunity for brands, with developments in formats, flavours, and effectiveness.


Are you ready to explore the VMS opportunity? 


The best time to get started was yesterday, but the second best time is now.

Get in touch with one of our team here to find out more.

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