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Latest News
According to new guidelines highlighted in the media today, millions of people are advised to take Vitamin D daily to combat the effect of indoor lifestyles. For most Britons, the lack of exposure to sunlight makes it near impossible to reach health...
Date: 21 Jul 2016

Latest news from NutraIngredients reveals that the Sports Nutrition market is expected to grow an average of 8.27% a year, to reach €36m by 2020. The Sports Nutrition category will see a shift away from synthetic ingredients and a move towards...
Date: 19 Jul 2016

The gummy delivery form of vitamins is one of the largest source of growth for the vitamins, minerals and supplements category, having realized a 29% rate of growth, which translates to $125 million in annualized sales growth. Now is your opportuni...
Date: 06 Jul 2016

Borage oil is a natural substance that provides high levels of the fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a strong anti-inflammatory found in certain plant oils. As a common herbal treatment in traditional medicine practices for hundreds of y...
Date: 28 Jun 2016

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